Download JavaQuat

  • The latest versions was compiled with J2SDK 1.4.2_09.
  1. JavaQuat 2.14 Executable jar - 2007 update, just double click the jar file to run it.
    • All: JavaQuat214.zip (1.8Meg includes source & RectJoiner, compiled with JRE 1.4.2)

    Older versions and source ...
  2. All: RectJoiner.jar (zipped) (116 K) - joins small gifs into big ones. Compiled with JRE 1.4.2_06.
  3. JavaQuat 2.04 (Compiled with Java 1.1.7)
    2.03 had a horizontal one-pixel-off problem when drawing slow lines.
    Known problems have been fixed. If there's a problem send email to lystadmas@centurytel.net and I'll get it fixed as soon as possible. Documentation (almost current) is available here(150K)
  4. JavaQuat 1.7.2 (Compiled with Java 1.1.3)
  5. JavaQuat 1.6.2 (Compiled under Java 1.0.2 so works with Netscape on Mac.)
  6. JQJoiner (Compiled under Java 1.1.7) Puts little pictures together into a big pictures.
    This version works with Javaquat 2.0 beta and later versions. It also works on all GIF format files. Produces GIF or TIFF output. Documentation is included. Source for both the TIFF and GIF encoders and GIF decoder, as well as everything else, is included..

Just a picture of Sylvia.

Where to get Java (I need to update these)

Just a picture of Sylvia.

Other Stuff

  • You will be best off to get Java installed on your computer. Then run JavaQuat as an application (i.e. program), rather than as an applet in your browser.
  • JavaQuat 1.6.1 can be run from a browser, and so can later versions of JavaQuat if your browser supports Java 1.1.x. From a browser you probably can't save the pictures to disk other than using some means of screen capture. On a Mac screen capture is Command-Shift-3. (The command key is the one with the apple or 4-looped figure.).
  • If you are using an old mac with a Motorola 68K cpu, you may want to get Java Development kit 1.0.2. It may not be the latest Java, but it still works. Find it here. You may need one of the older JavaQuat versions.

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