Seattle - Everett - August 2014

Left click on pictures to see a larger version or to play videos. Right click on items on this page to download video or small pictur. Right click on bigger versions of pictures to download them. Some pictures are stereo pairs. These can be seen in 3D by crossing your eyes. Cross your eyes so that the left picture seen with the right eye overlaps the right picture seen with the left eye. Doing this gets easier with practice.

Video: MVI_0060.MOV Video: MVI_0071.MOV
Video: MVI_0095.MOV Video: MVI_0096.MOV Video: MVI_0097.MOV Video: MVI_0098.MOV
Video: MVI_0099.MOV Video: MVI_0109.MOV Video: MVI_0111.MOV
Video: MVI_0112.MOV
Video: MVI_0147.MOV
Video: MVI_0276.MOV
Video: MVI_0459.MOV Video: MVI_0460.MOV
Video: MVI_0461.MOV
Video: MVI_0636.MOV Video: MVI_0637.MOV
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