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Steve and the Visiting Professor

My good friend Steve attended the California State University at Hayward. He went there a couple years, spent some time in the Air Force, and then went back to Cal. State. There was a professor form India that taught a class during our first years there. During his second enrollment, Steve took another class from this Professor S. Shortly after it happened, quite a good many years ago now, Steve told me about a strange thing that happened involving this class and Professor S.

The class met two times a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One Thursday, when Steve got home after school he started feeling sick. By the next day he was quite sick and did not attend his classes.

During the weekend Steve just lay in bed. At some point in the afternoon he rolled over. He had been facing the wall next to the bed and when he rolled over he could see the contents of the room. In the middle of the room was Professor S., floating about an inch off the floor, briefcase in hand. Steve told me, "I thought to myself, 'Whoa, I'm a whole lot sicker than I thought.'"

After a little while the image of Professor S. disappeared. Over the next couple of days Steve recovered from his cold, and by Tuesday he was feeling well enough to go to his classes.

Steve was in the front of the room when Professor S. walked in for the class. "I see you're feeling better, Steve." he said as he entered. Steve said that he was. He and the other students took their seats. During the class Steve was wondering how Professor S. had known he was sick. He'd been well during the last class the previous Thursday.

After his classes were finished for the day, Steve went up to Professor S.'s office. He wanted to know how his professor had known he was sick. Steve didn't knock on the door, which was shut, when he got there. He couldn't figure out how to ask without sounding silly. He walked around in the hall for a little while.

Professor S. opened his office door, looked at Steve, and said, "Did you want to see me?" Steve said he did, and went in and sat down. For several minutes they talked about all sorts of things, but Steve didn't mention the question on his mind. Then there was a lull in the conversation. Uncharacteristically, Steve couldn't think of anything to say. Then Professor S. broke the silence. He said, "You know, Steve, when I was a student in India and I got sick sometimes my professors would come and visit me.

Steve, still not knowing what to say, thanked him and left.

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