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Medical and Surgical Bldg. (alias Blood Bldg.), Concord N.H. taken in winter of 1970-1971.
M&S Bldg., alias Blood Building, New Hampshire State Hospital, Concord, New Hampshire in the winter of 1970-71.
In 1970 and 1971 I worked at New Hampshire Hospital, a mental hospital in Concord, New Hampshire. It was a fairly large mental hospital with many buildings, almost all of which were named after people. There was the Walker Building, the Toby Building, Johnson Hall, Spaulding Building, etc. There was also a building called "M and S" for "Medical and Surgical". It too was named after someone, former Governor Blood. A portrait of the former governor hung in the lobby, but it was never referred to as the Blood Building.

In North Dallas, on Interstate 635, a couple miles east of Interstate 35E, is a hospital that was built since I moved to the area. As with the Blood Building, it is named after someone with an unfortunate name for a hospital, Robert H. Dedman. At first the sign along the freeway said, "Dedman Hospital". Maybe business was poor or maybe too many people laughed at the name. The hospital is still named after Mr. (or possibly Dr.) Dedman, but the sign soon changed. For years the hospital has been known simply as "R.H.D. Memorial".

Dedman Hospital sign, LBJ Freeway, Dallas Tx. USA April 2001

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