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Rainbow's End

May 1, 1999

Two and a half weeks ago, on April 14, 1999, my son and I drove to Arkadelphia, Arkansas to see the nearby "ghost light" in the town of Gurdon. As we left Texas we caught up with the storm that had come through Denton, our starting point, the night before.

Somewhat inside Arkansas it started to rain and before to long we saw a partial rainbow curving up from the ground, going to the right, and then abruptly stopping in mid-air. The rainbow was more or less in front of us and as we drove on it seemed to get closer and closer. As we continued up Interstate 30 we finally got to the point where the end of the rainbow appeared to be only several hundred feet ahead of us, its end mingling with the bushes and windflowers along the right side of the highway.

As we continued the end of the rainbow seemed to keep its distance from us, but it moved across the road. I suppose the road turned slightly to cause this. That's when I noticed a strange thing. If I refocused my eyes on the windshield of the car, I could see the rainbow continue down the windshield from where it had appeared to end on the road. It extended to within about an inch of the windshield's bottom. I guess it was because my eyes were focused close that the rainbow appeared very narrow on the windshield. It was faint too, but it was distinctly there. I looked at it several times as we drove along. The colors were in the same order as they should be, with red on the outside, so this was not an "after image" left from looking at the rainbow in the sky.

I suppose what I saw was from the sunlight shining on the rain between me and the road and between me and the hood of the car. I have no explanation beyond that. All I can tell you is that I did see it. I suspect if a friend had told me the preceding I would be skeptical. If I'd read it on the internet I wouldn't believe it at all. Since it happened to me I know it happened but I'm left wondering how. At least I can say that I was within an arm's length of the end of the rainbow. By the way, I didn't see any pot of gold there. Maybe some Arkansas native beat me to it.

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