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The Mystery Egg

In February of 1999 I was walking in a wooded area near Stephenville, Texas when I saw a birds nest in a tree, about 5 or 6 feet off the ground. It was an old nest. It had been stretched and tipped sideways by the briars that grew all around it. I looked inside the nest and was surprised to see what appeared to be roughly 30 small eggs, all scattered around and loosely stuck to the nest. All the eggs had a hole in them as if some tiny birds had hatched from them. My mom says that even hummingbirds aren't that tiny though.

I brought one of the eggs home with me, took a picture of it next to a dime on my scanner, and took another picture of the egg from the other side and inserted it at the upper right of the first picture. As you can see, the second picture shows ridges on the egg that weren't apparent without the magnification the scanner provided.

dime and mystery egg So I've decided that the "egg" is probably not an egg. I'd like to know what it is. If you know please send an email. Reasonable guesses, if I get any, will be listed below.

Here's one response that sounds good:

Now, after looking at the pictures of your "eggs", I can say for certain, they are not like my snail eggs, but they do look like pods that might have at one time held a worm that eventually emerged. Like Oak balls...and it's a virus that Oak trees get. It looks like the tree has little dark brown balls or pods all over it's branches, but each ball has a worm in it waiting to emerge.

Well, I'm no horticulturist or entomologist, but that's my guess and I'm stickin to it...unless someone comes along with the real answer!!


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