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Ghost of Pine Bluff

I was in Mt. Ida, Arkansas in October of 2000 and happened to be talking to a couple of people about the Gurdon Light. The man, Jay, was familiar with it. He said, "Since you're interested in these sorts of things, have you ever heard of the 'Ghost of Pine Bluff'?" I hadn't. He said that when he was in high school, which I'd guess might have been 15 years earlier, they used to drive down to Pine Bluff to show the ghost to friends who hadn't seen it.

Jay said, "You drive up in front of the high school at night, so that it's on your left. When you come to the stop sign, if you look at the high school, you'll see a man sitting on the front steps. As you turn left at the corner the man stands up, walks up the two steps, opens the door and goes inside. We used to go around and around the block. Each time we got to the stop sign, there he was. If we turned the corner slowly he would walk up the steps slowly. If we would drive fast he would sort of jog up the steps. It's all shadows and reflections," Jay concluded, "but it's very convincing."

I don't know if the shadows and reflections have changed since then, but I'm going to phone the Pine Bluff, Ark. chamber of commerce and try to find out.

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