The Bottle Labels


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The Pump Clips

Fiddler's Elbow Pump Clip 4.1%.jpg (61552 bytes)  Sprite 7.gif (112151 bytes)  dogbolg.gif (31879 bytes)  Santa Claus.jpg (91292 bytes)  shires.jpg (58244 bytes)

Alchemy Gold pump clip.jpg (53174 bytes) Black Wych pump clip.jpg (38816 bytes) Circle Master pump clip.jpg (24471 bytes) Dr Thirstys Pump Clip.jpg (44566 bytes) Joker Pump Clip.jpg (44056 bytes) Oberon pump clip.jpg (52394 bytes)


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Reproduced here is the old Wychweb background wych unfortunately was very slow at loading but many of you have asked for.

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Thanks to who made the reconstruction of this page from March 2001 nearly possible over 4 years later. Two large images werelost and two small images had to be constructed from the larger images. I have altered the original page with the addition of the logo link at the top of the page and this note at the bottom. - Garr Lystad