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7up Bicentennial Can Collection!

Back in 1976 the 7up company put out a special set of cans. There was one per state and if you stack them all according to the directions on one of the cans you get a picture of Uncle Sam. My wife and I worked at a summer camp that summer and there was a drink machine with 7up on the porch of the lodge. We started collecting the cans, both our own and any other empties we needed. At the end of the summer we were still missing about half a dozen of them and returned to Southern California, where we were in graduate school at the University of California, Riverside. We hadn't been there long when we saw some regular 7up cans in our local grocery store. Knowing we had little time left to complete our collection, we searched through all the cans in several stores and found a couple we needed. We wrote to our parents in the San Francisco Bay Area and asked them to look for our missing cans. When we opened up the packages that each pair of parents sent we had the entire collection. Here it is.

On the front side of each can is the outline of a different state and some information about it. I'd taken a picture of the front of the Texas can for this web page, but I don't seem to have it now. I'll have to try to find it and add it in later.

The can at left reads, "There are fifty 7up commemorative cans. Each has a red number above the ingredients statement. Stack the cans in numerical order according to the above diagram so the side with the white background faces you. The complete stack forms Uncle Sam."

topp can

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